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Charly Hongdiyanto, S.E.,M.M.,M.B.A.

As a lecture in IBM department, for both Regular and also International Class.Riwayat Pendidikan di Perguruan Tinggi
Having his undergraduate degree in Economic, major in finance from Ubaya in 2002. During his 3.5 years in Ubaya, he also worked as a lecture assistant for several subjects. He continued his education by taking Magister Manajemen degree from IEU Surabaya and went to Belgium for his graduated degree (MBA) major in International Business from IMI Antwerp in end of 2003.

Kompetensi Akademis
List of expertise of subjects he teaches consist of Management, Operations Management, Business Communication, Cross Culture, Art Culture and also as a mentor for Entrepreneurial Project.

He focuses his research in management in general and in international business specifically. His three last researches started with paper with the title of “The Analysis of Consumer Behavior and Customer Satisfaction toward Credit Card Consumption” published In Proceeding Vol 4, 2010 in 4th International Seminar on Industrial Engineering and Management (ISIEM) in Lombok. In April 2011, his paper with the title “Export Strategy of Indonesian Cocoa Facing Trade Liberalization” presented in the International Seminar on Business and Management in Bandung. The last paper “Study of Air Asia: World’s Best Low-Cost Airline” published in Proceeding Vol 5, 2012 on the 5th International Seminar on Industrial Engineering and Management (ISIEM) in Manado.

Pengalaman Kerja
Before joined as lecturer in UC, his previous job as Financial Consultant gave him a lot of experienced in meeting many people from different background. Those experienced are very helpful in dealing with students from various backgrounds.

He has enormous interest in photography. In his spare time he manages to embrace this hobby as a side job; taking photo shoots of client for outdoor, couple, portfolio and pre-wedding. Music is also his true passion from childhood; enjoy being a vocalist in a group band and performing at stage. Being a Master of Ceremony in various events such as Birthday Party, Wedding Party and Product Launching add list to his portfolio activities outside campus activitie